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It happened and it still happens. Ephemeral art in Visegrad Countries - practice and theoretical reflection


Lukasz Guzek (PL), Jozef Cseres (SK), Katalin Balazs (HU), Tomas Pospiszyl (CZ)

During the second day (March 16th) at 2 pm the symposium started entitled "It happened and it still happens. Ephemeral art in Visegrad countries - practice and theoretical reflection." The papers dealt with artist run initiatives in a historical context in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. There will be an after-symposium publication in English including the texts by Katalin Balazs, an art historian from Hungary, Lukasz Guzek - an art critic and art historian from Poland who focuses on performance and installation art, Tomas Pospiszyl - an art critic from Czech Republic and a lecturer of Prague Film School and Jozef Cseres from Slovakia, a lecturer at the University in Bratislava. The texts will be published in Polish in the fall issue of the journal Art and Documentation.

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